July 11 - Viktor Orbán Visits Trump in Florida, House Passes Citizens Voting Bill and More

July 8 - Biden Guided by Document Instructing Him to ‘Walk to Podium’ At Events, Alec Baldwin Pre-Trail and More

July 2 - Marine Le Pen's Party Surges In French Elections, Joy Reid Goes Unhinged and More

June 28 - Trump vs Biden Debate - Atlanta GA

June 25- Ukraine Strikes Crimea, Julian Assange is Freed, CNN Threatens YouTube Channels and More

June 20 - Russia Joins North Korea in War Pact, Joy Reid Shaves Her Head, Hilarious Nathan Wade Interview and More

June 18 - White House Calls Bifen Videos "Cheap Fake", Nationwide Closure of Pizza Huts and More

June 13 - Russian Nuclear Submarine Arrives in Cuba, Joe Biden Embarrasses the US at G7 Summit and More

June 10 - EU Election Results, Pelosi Admitting Responsibility, Sniper Drops Robber and More

June 6 - Winner of Miss Alabama Weighs Over 500 lbs, New Mexican President Do Not Respect Biden and More

June 3- Ukraine Strikes Inside Russia, MTG Drops Truth Bombs, Sheila Jackson Lee Diagnosed with Cancer and More



May 30 - Trump Found Guilty on 34 Counts, Putin Gives NATO/US a Stern Warning and More

May 28- We Honor and Remember Memorial Day, FL Public Schools Closing Down and More

May 23 - Donald Trump's Bronx Rally, House Bans Central Bank Digital Currency and More

May 21 - Zelensky’s Mandate Expires Today, Biden Goes On a Black College Tour and More

May 17- Huge Bad News For Zelensky, Trump Accepts Joe Biden Debate Challange and More

May 14 - US Troops Now Stationed In Haiti, Newsom Starts 50 Cent per Gallon Gas Tax and More

May 9 - Russia Celebrates 79th Anniversary of Detroying Nazis, Democrats Stop MTG and More

May 7 - Israeli Attack on Rafah Looming, Mike Johnson Backed By Democrats for Speaker and More

May 2 - Haiti Elects New President, Stupid Anti-Israel Protestors FAFO, Biden Shame and More

April 30 - Zelenskyy Announces 10 Year Funding Agreement, 4 Charlotte Cops Shot Dead and More

April 26- DeSantis Deports Illegals To Haiti, Supreme Court Majority Agrees With Trump and More

April 22 - Ukraine Bill Funds More Migration to the US, Mike Johnson's Black Son Speaks and More

April 18- Israel retaliates against Iran, Assassination Attempt on Zelensky and More

April 15- Mike Johnson Will Push Aid for Israel, Ukraine this Week, Riddhi Patel FAFO and More

April 4 - Marjorie Taylor Greene New Theory, Major Bird Flu Shuts Down U.S. Largest Fresh Egg Plant and More

April 1 - Russia Starts Mass Deporting Muslims, Biden Makes Easter "Trangender Day and More



March 28 - DeSantis W Against Disney, California Restaurants Lay Off Workers as $20 Minimum Wage Arrives and More

March 25 - Terrorists In Russia Captured, Diddy's Home In LA and Miami Raided by the Feds and More

March 22 - Migrants Fight National Guard at the Border, House Votes on Spending Bill and More

March 18- Tyson Foods Wants to Hire 42k More Illegals, Boycott Planet Fitness and More

March 14- UK To Pay Asylum Seekers £3,000 To Move To Rwanda, More Haiti Destruction and More

March 11 - Pope Francis Tell Ukraine To Surrender, Woke Deadspin Gets Sold and More

March 7 - Biden Anti-American SOTU Address, Portland Woman Convicted of Misgendering Bio-Man and More

March 4 - Supreme Court Gives Trump a W, Florida House Passes Based Bill and More



Feb 29- Trump and Biden Go To The Border, Boebert’s Son Arrested On 20 Counts and More

Feb 26- US Air Force Member Who Sets Himself on Fire Outside Israeli Embassy in DC and More

Feb 22 - Trump Launch $400 Sneakers, Harris Faulkner Embarrasses Nikki Haley, and More

Feb 19- Israel Sets March 10 Ramadan Deadline for Hostage Release, Joy Reid Tells a Big Lie and More

Feb 15- Fani Willis Gets Unhinged On The Stand, Speaker Johnson Pulls Surveillance Bill and More

Feb 12 - House Speaker Mike Johnson Rejects Funding Bill Again, FTM Trans Church Shooter and More

Feb 8 - EU Politicians Threaten to Sanction Tucker Carlson, House Fails to Impeach Mayorkas and More

Feb 6 - Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin, King Charles III Diagnosed With Cancer and More

Feb 1- Orban Folds on Ukraine Funding, Biden Promotes Deceased Solider and More

Jan 29 - 3 Black Military Soldiers Killed in Jordan, 3 Honor Killings in Chicago and More

Jan 25 - Texas Defies Feds, Republican Governors Across U.S. Stand with Texas Against Feds, and More

Jan 22 - Dexter Scott King Dies at 62, DeSantis Drops Out, AI Model ‘Lexi Love’ Rakes in Millions and More

Jan 18 - House Passes Another Short-Term Spending Bill, Another Mass Trans Shooter Stopped and More

Jan 15 - Iran Launched Ballistic Missiles On US Building, Mayor Adams Wants Sanctuary City Reform and More

Jan 11 - UK-US Joint Strikes Against Houthi Rebels, Texas Gov't Seize City’s Property Along The Border and More

Jan 8 - German Farmers Stage Largest Protest Ever, Biden Heckled in Charleston Church and More

Jan 5 - Mass School Shooter In Iowa Is Trans Activist , Nurse Kills Patients With Tap Water and More

Jan 1 - Massive Earthquike his Japan, Newsom Expanded Gun-Free Zones, USA Allows Men To Box Women and More



Dec 27 - Trudeau Installs Mandatory Tampons In Men's Restroom, Kanye West Apologizes to Jews and More

Dec 21 - Texas Sued Over New Immigration Law, Gov. Hochul Signs Legislation For Reparations and More

Dec 18 - Illegal Migrants Destroy Free Food, Second Drill Sergeant Found Dead at Fort Jackson and More

Dec 14 - Asylum Seeker Dies on Bibby Stockholm Barge, California Pass ‘Toilet to Tap’ Water Bill and More

Dec 11 - Barbados PM Demands $4.9 Trillion in Reparations, 9,000 Women Sue Disney Land and More

Dec 7 - Dozens of Hamas Terrorist Surrenders to the IDF, Joy Behar Gets Sexual on "The View" and More

Dec 4 - Israel Gains Ground in Gaza, Blacks in Chicago Big Mad Again and More



Nov 30 - New Chinese Pneumonia Bug Coming, 94-Year-Old Veteran Evicted for Migrants and More

Nov 27 - Riots in Dublin Ireland, Melania Trump and DeSantis Come to Georgia, and More

Nov 21 - Arab Countries Refuse to take Gazanian Refugees, Joe Biden Turns 81 and More

Nov 16 - Charges Against Joe Biden Dropped, NYC Mayor Adams Cuts State Budgets and More

Nov 13 - Illegal Aliens Flee Sanctuary Cities for Their Native Countries, LA Freeway Fire and More

Nov 10 - Poland Builds "Diverse" AI Robot, Grandpa FAFO Put Down Protesters and More

Nov 6 - Zelensky Gets Desperate, The Nashville Mass Shooter Manifesto Leaked and More

Nov 2 - Pakistan Deports 1.7 Million Illegals, New York Has a Venezuelan Prostitution Problem and More



Oct 31 - German-Israeli Citizen Confirm Dead, Satanic Temple Loses Lawsuit and More

Oct 26 - Germany Starts Mass Deportations, Mass Shooter In Maine Still On The Run and More

Oct 23 - China Deploys Six Warships to Middle East, 9 GOP Enter the House Speaker Race and More

Oct 19 - Germany Now Builds Borders, Jim Jordan Still Not Speaker and More

Oct 12 - Americans Killed in Hamas Attacks, Scalise Drops Out of Speaker Race and More

Oct 9 - Israel Goes To War With Jordians, 11 Americans dead,Slovakia Stops Funding Ukraine and More

Oct 5 - Biden Started Building The Wall Again, McCarthy Is Out As Speakers FOR GOOD and More

Oct 2 - Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm, Matt Gaetz Moves to Oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy and More



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